Monday, April 7, 2008

My first post at Blogger!

Hi!My name is Hiroki Kondo.My friends call me "kompiro".Please call me "kompiro".
I'm Japanese.I can't write English well.But I'm studying English hard now.My work is Software Engineer.Now I develop an application that build on Eclipse Platform!

I'm interested in Eclipse Platform.I love Eclipse Platform.That is great environment of running application.I feel Equinox(OSGi) has many potential.Equinox can change good development.

In Japan,Eclipse is used only "IDE".Many people don't know how to use Equinox runtime.So I started Eclipse Plugin Development Session in Japan (We sometime call it EclipSKY).Some people join that session.Now we develop some plugin.For example, Percs is a RSS Reader and RSS Nortification plugin.Now support only RSS and Atom,but it supports some service with simple program.(In progress now...)Font Size Changer(that plugin is developed by kenchan) is a nice idea plugin!It support only Font Size.But please imazine you are presentation and explain some code using Eclipse, how do you big font size?That plugin comes up with toolbar button,assign shortcut key, to big ,and to small font size.

I write about Eclipse Platform in Japanese.But I want to join Planet Eclipse!So I start this blog.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Awesome, welcome to PlanetEclipse!

I filed a bug to add you to the Planet.

By the way, you're English is good, have no fear :)

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

btw Kompiro, I finally added your blog to the planet. Sorry for the delay, I was traveling in India!

Welcome to PlanetEclipse!

You should blog again and introduce yourself and the Japanese Eclipse community!

Neil Bartlett said...


It would be great to hear about people using Equinox and OSGi in Japan.

Are you using RCP? What kind of application are you developing?



Koji said...


Wow, you're the first PlanetEclipse blogger of Japanese Eclipse lovers! Congratulations!
We're very proud of you.


Koji Hashimoto

kompiro said...

Sorry for I don't read these comments. Blogger system doesn't tell me these comments. I foggot to set the setting ;-)

> Chris aniszczyk
Thank you for adding to Planet Eclipse.It is great for me. Now it is 2:00 AM in Japan. I will blog again tomorrow!

> neil bartlett
Wow! Can you speak Japanese?I'm using RCP.I will blog what kind of application developping tomorrow.

> koji
Hello!How are you?Why do you don't start blog in English?Your English is better than me.