Thursday, March 19, 2009

Font Size Changer: It is a good plug-in for presentation.

My last post, I introduced "EclipSKY"."EclipSKY" is a mini conference to learn about how to develop Eclipse Plug-in and technology.In Japan, There are many mini conferences are held in Japan.Mini conferences are held over 100 each month.
I sometimes do some presentations in the conference.And I often want to explain my code using eclipse and show my code on the screen.
Eclipse is able to change font size on preference page.But it is not convenient to adjust font on the screen.
For this purpose,Ken-ichi Takahashi created convenience plug-in "Font size changer".
This plug-in provides simple feature,if you want font to be big,you push M1+M3+;,or if you want font to be small, you push M1+M3+-.And the plug-in provides tool bar button.

Yes, I saw similar button on Welcome View(Eclipse 3.5 M5).

I hope to support to change fonts using binding in Galileo release.How do you think?