Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Addtional good point of Quick JUnit Plugin

I forgot to introduce about Quick JUnit Plugin's good point.Now I will do.
Quick JUnit Plugin has a launch shortcut before I explained.The shortcuts are here.But that isn't only Test Launcher.If you put on the cursor on the test method,Quick JUnit Plugin launches the method only!Now I show you an example to use it.

First, you put on the test method like below.

Second,you push Ctrl+0(zero) if you want normal JUnit Test.
Then you'll get a Test Result like below.

There are great useful way to test,aren't there?

Friday, April 25, 2008

How people use Eclipse in Japan?

Many people use Eclipse at work in Japan.But now, many Eclipse user haven't updated to Europa.They are still using 3.2 Callisto release.Because there are no language pack for Europa.[They don't like to read English X-P.]
So one of the Eclipse hacker make a translate plugin for Japanese Eclipse users.The plugin name is Pleiades.Pleiades is a MergeDoc Project's product.
Pleiades is used in Babel Project's Japanese translators.Pleiades uses Japanese glossary ,and it uses dynamic AOP technorogy.Pleiades uses JavaAgent for dynamic AOP.So it doesn't depends Eclipse Platform.

BTW one of Japanese strong point is very good idea using environment that made small feature.I bring you in Quick JUnit Plugin.The Plugin's feature is very simple.The plugin's idea is "How to drive TDD cycle in Eclipse?" The plugin provides 5 shortcuts.
  1. Run JUnit Test(default:Alt+Shift+x,t -> Ctrl+0 only)
  2. Run JUnit Plugin Test(default:Alt+Shift+x,p -> Ctrl+- only)
  3. Debug JUnit Test(default:Alt+Shift+d,t -> Ctrl+Shift+0 only)
  4. Debug JUnit Plugin Test(default:Alt+Shift+d,p -> Ctrl+- only)
  5. Swich Testing Pare(Ctrl + 9)
How do you feel?Is it cool?I feel this plugin's idea is very cool!
I joined Quick JUnit Project as a Project Administrator in this month.I want some idea to improve this project, and some patch to contribute this project by everyone.
Today, Quick JUnit Project Leader,Masaru Ishii's obid.(He was gone 2005/04/25...)So I have to introduce this plugin for him...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello Planet Eclipse People!

Hello!Mr.Chris said me "You should blog again and introduce yourself and the Japanese Eclipse community!" I write about me and introduce to you Japanese Eclipse Community again.
My name is Hiroki Kondo.My friends call me "kompiro".My job is Software Engineering .I develop an application that build on Eclipse (using RCP).The tool name is TRICHORD.TRICHORD is an Agile Project Management tool that is using Card Metaphor by GEF.We call Cards Kanban.(Sorry I wouldn't write ad.So if you interested in TRICHORD,Please comment.)

I'm a Japanese and I love Eclipse very much. So I started Eclipse Plugin Development Session in Japan.Sometimes we call it EclipSKY(It's pronunciation 'Eclips-kai'. 'kai' meens 'meeting' in Japanese.)We develop some plugins in our session now.If you come to Japan, please teach me.I will plan the meeting to meet you.

My interests about Eclipse is three points.First,it is "Eclipse Platform Archtecture".I love Equinox. I wrote some article about Equinox and OSGi(Sorry,those articles are written in Japanese.)
Second,it is "how to write animation code in Eclipse".Eclipse is a cool platform.But now,web application has many better things than Eclipse based application.Most difference thing is Animation.
Last one,it is "How to test Eclipse Platform Application".It is diffecult to test Eclipse Platform Application.Because OSGi is introduced complexity.Many libraries don't think specific Class Loading Environment like OSGi.

I will introduce how to use Eclipse Platform in Japan and cool Eclipse Plugins made in Japan.And I will show some my code to develop Eclipse Platform Application.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My first post at Blogger!

Hi!My name is Hiroki Kondo.My friends call me "kompiro".Please call me "kompiro".
I'm Japanese.I can't write English well.But I'm studying English hard now.My work is Software Engineer.Now I develop an application that build on Eclipse Platform!

I'm interested in Eclipse Platform.I love Eclipse Platform.That is great environment of running application.I feel Equinox(OSGi) has many potential.Equinox can change good development.

In Japan,Eclipse is used only "IDE".Many people don't know how to use Equinox runtime.So I started Eclipse Plugin Development Session in Japan (We sometime call it EclipSKY).Some people join that session.Now we develop some plugin.For example, Percs is a RSS Reader and RSS Nortification plugin.Now support only RSS and Atom,but it supports some service with simple program.(In progress now...)Font Size Changer(that plugin is developed by kenchan) is a nice idea plugin!It support only Font Size.But please imazine you are presentation and explain some code using Eclipse, how do you big font size?That plugin comes up with toolbar button,assign shortcut key, to big ,and to small font size.

I write about Eclipse Platform in Japanese.But I want to join Planet Eclipse!So I start this blog.