Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello Planet Eclipse People!

Hello!Mr.Chris said me "You should blog again and introduce yourself and the Japanese Eclipse community!" I write about me and introduce to you Japanese Eclipse Community again.
My name is Hiroki Kondo.My friends call me "kompiro".My job is Software Engineering .I develop an application that build on Eclipse (using RCP).The tool name is TRICHORD.TRICHORD is an Agile Project Management tool that is using Card Metaphor by GEF.We call Cards Kanban.(Sorry I wouldn't write ad.So if you interested in TRICHORD,Please comment.)

I'm a Japanese and I love Eclipse very much. So I started Eclipse Plugin Development Session in Japan.Sometimes we call it EclipSKY(It's pronunciation 'Eclips-kai'. 'kai' meens 'meeting' in Japanese.)We develop some plugins in our session now.If you come to Japan, please teach me.I will plan the meeting to meet you.

My interests about Eclipse is three points.First,it is "Eclipse Platform Archtecture".I love Equinox. I wrote some article about Equinox and OSGi(Sorry,those articles are written in Japanese.)
Second,it is "how to write animation code in Eclipse".Eclipse is a cool platform.But now,web application has many better things than Eclipse based application.Most difference thing is Animation.
Last one,it is "How to test Eclipse Platform Application".It is diffecult to test Eclipse Platform Application.Because OSGi is introduced complexity.Many libraries don't think specific Class Loading Environment like OSGi.

I will introduce how to use Eclipse Platform in Japan and cool Eclipse Plugins made in Japan.And I will show some my code to develop Eclipse Platform Application.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Hi again kompiro :)

Phil said...


Alright, that's the extent of my Japanese.

kompiro said...

> Mr.Chris
Thank you for replying and introducing me at your blog!

> phil
There are too many difference between English and Japanese...

sud said...

Welcome to the (eclipse) planet!

ianskerrett said...

Welcome to PlanetEclipse. I look forward to reading about your experience with Eclipse in Japan.

kompiro said...

> sud

Thank you for your comment.
How about you? Do you want to the planet?

> ianskerrett
O.K. Next my blog,I will write about how Eclipse is used in Japan.