Friday, April 25, 2008

How people use Eclipse in Japan?

Many people use Eclipse at work in Japan.But now, many Eclipse user haven't updated to Europa.They are still using 3.2 Callisto release.Because there are no language pack for Europa.[They don't like to read English X-P.]
So one of the Eclipse hacker make a translate plugin for Japanese Eclipse users.The plugin name is Pleiades.Pleiades is a MergeDoc Project's product.
Pleiades is used in Babel Project's Japanese translators.Pleiades uses Japanese glossary ,and it uses dynamic AOP technorogy.Pleiades uses JavaAgent for dynamic AOP.So it doesn't depends Eclipse Platform.

BTW one of Japanese strong point is very good idea using environment that made small feature.I bring you in Quick JUnit Plugin.The Plugin's feature is very simple.The plugin's idea is "How to drive TDD cycle in Eclipse?" The plugin provides 5 shortcuts.
  1. Run JUnit Test(default:Alt+Shift+x,t -> Ctrl+0 only)
  2. Run JUnit Plugin Test(default:Alt+Shift+x,p -> Ctrl+- only)
  3. Debug JUnit Test(default:Alt+Shift+d,t -> Ctrl+Shift+0 only)
  4. Debug JUnit Plugin Test(default:Alt+Shift+d,p -> Ctrl+- only)
  5. Swich Testing Pare(Ctrl + 9)
How do you feel?Is it cool?I feel this plugin's idea is very cool!
I joined Quick JUnit Project as a Project Administrator in this month.I want some idea to improve this project, and some patch to contribute this project by everyone.
Today, Quick JUnit Project Leader,Masaru Ishii's obid.(He was gone 2005/04/25...)So I have to introduce this plugin for him...


Ed Merks said...

It would sure be good to have the Japanese Eclipse community contribute to .

Denis Roy said...

Hi, have you tried the Japanese language packs produced by Babel for Eclipse Europa?

kompiro said...

> ed merks
Thank you for the link.I heard the contribution for Ganymede.But I don't think it hasn't reflected to Europa Langage pack.

> denis roy
I haven't tryed to use the language pack yet.Because I always use Milestone Release now and I don't like to read Japanese Menu on Eclipse IDE.
But I will try the Language Pack.Thank you!