Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eclipse-tan for Helios

I'm waiting for a long time to release Eclipse Helios!

My friend, @torazuka made a new splash screen for Eclipse Helios.

If you'd like to use the screen shot,
1. download the image
2. open eclipse.ini
3. fix -showsplash path to the bmp file.(You can use relative path like below.)


The image is published below.


zelda14 said...

Great splash screen.
I guess it's still your friend torazuka who did this eclipse-tan for helio.
Congratulate him for its nice design.
I'am already an eclipse-tan user.

ekke said...

thx... downloaded the image,
was a jpg, transformed to bmp
but it was too small, no progressbar visible
(OSX cocoa 64)

Hiroki Kondo(kompiro) said...


Thanks for the comment.I'll tell your comment to torazuka!

Sorry, I made a link to the bmp file.

Michel Parisien said...

When we had the Eclipse Logo Modernization contest,, we started talking about Eclipse mascots on the side, and I remember suggesting Eclipse-tan as one of the candidates. Some people didn't like it, but personally I think it is great that Eclipse gets its own -tan. :) Great job kompiro and torazuka!