Thursday, May 27, 2010

Notify JUnit Results to Growl Eclipse Plugin

I made a Eclipse Plugin for long-period testing on Eclipse for Mac.

Yes!, This plugin notify the test result to Growl.This is simple, but effective to drive to develop your application!
This plugin uses native library. So there are some constraint to use it.
If you use Eclipse for cocoa 64 bit edition, you can't use this plugin because the native library can't load on your Eclipse Environment.

The plugin is published below.
If you interested in this plug-in, then download and put it dropins folder!


Nick said...

Why not use growlnotify?

KetanPadegaonkar said...

+1 to growlnotify.

+1 for a custom command line preference this would be useful to people on other operating systems.

Hiroki Kondo(kompiro) said...

Thanks for your comment.
I'll try to implement using growlnotify.

Hiroki Kondo(kompiro) said...

Yes! I'd like to support custom command line preference! because on ubuntu, there is native notification system.So I'd like to support the system

Hiroki Kondo(kompiro) said...

But I really want to support that eclipse provides notification service.
I know Mylyn and Jazz notification popup.But they doesn't provide the service for plug-in developer.
I'd like to join to implement it...

Scott K. said...

Growl 1.2 is now out and is 64-bit compatible, so the 64-bit Cocoa restriction should no longer be an issue.