Tuesday, March 9, 2010

[Hack] How to build a product headless using p2 for mac.

I could't to make a build product using p2 for mac for a long time.But I solved the issue on my build product.It's easy hack!

The point is it is wrong to export using normal delta pack.So I added a file at Eclipse.app's same path.

I added a file at delta pack's include "Eclipse.app" directory like below.

It's fine to build my product!Cheers!


Jeff McAffer said...

Hiroki, I'm not sure what the problem is wrt exporting products on the Mac. I have been been doing it for some time. You should have the delta pack in your target and then export should just work.

I recommend against magic file copies etc as they are likely to break at some point. If you cannot export via the normal UI workflow, please report a bug.

Hiroki Kondo(kompiro) said...

Thank you for the comment,Jeff.(I bought your new book!)
I'd like to build headless build on the Ubuntu machine and I have used delta pack for the build system for build automation.(It's OK to export product for Mac system from UI.)But unfortunately,the system can't export RCP product for mac using delta pack only.

I posted the bug

Jeff McAffer said...

Excellent. I missed that you were doing cross platform export. Good find and thanks for reporting a bug.

Mercedez said...
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