Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I held a session about how to develop Eclipse Plugin on Febrary 15.(a.k.a EclipSKY200902)

We are called the session "EclipSKY"."EclipSKY" is pronounced "Eclipse-KAI"."KAI" means "meeting" in Japan. EclipSKY is always held month by month.(But recently we couldn't do that because I develop 'JAM Circle':-)
These blue books are new books about How to develop Eclipse Plug-in for Ganymede edition.(The red book is old one;-) This book is written by Naoki Takezoe and his friends.(Naoki Takezoe is the best famous Japanese Eclipse Plug-in Programmer.He is a chief developer of AmaterasERD and leader of Project Amateras.)There is a theme for each session.EclipSKY200902's theme is "How to read Eclipse Plug-in code from reading OpenSocial Development Environment(a.k.a OSDE)".OSDE supports to develop OpenSocial Application.Now,It's only one of the IDE to develop OpenSocial Application in the world.OSDE is developed by Yoichiro Tanaka.Yep,right hand's picture is him.